Do you know how new customers find your business?

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Tracking how new clients find Bateman Design Group

Since 2012, every time a potential new client contacts me, I’ve asked them how they heard about Bateman Design Group—and then added that information to a spreadsheet that automatically updates some cool little pie charts.

I find it really interesting to see that almost half of my new business comes in through referral, and the next two largest referrers are my website and social media.

I also track things like whether a quote was sent, the quote was accepted, we attended a meeting or followed up.

It only takes a few minutes and the information is extremely valuable when making business decisions, considering how to invest time and/or money in future marketing initiatives or even evaluating my pricing structure.

So … how are new clients finding your business? Are you getting enough new business to justify your investment in print advertising, your website or social media? If not, maybe we can help. Email us to request a free consultation.



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Bateman Design Group is a boutique creative agency in Barrie offering graphic design, marketing strategy, website development services and custom content management systems since 2003. We are available to work independently or as a freelance part of your marketing team.

About Julie Bateman

Julie Bateman is a professional graphic designer and the founder of Bateman Design Group, a boutique creative agency in Barrie, Ontario. Julie has over 15 years of design and business experience, and has taught courses in Digital Photography, Design Fundamentals and Advertising at Georgian College. Samples of her work have been published in both ‘Basic Logos’ by Index Books, and ‘Graphically Speaking: A Visual Lexicon for Achieving Better Designer-Client Communication’ by Lisa Buchanan. Julie also recently earned her Google Analytics Platform Principles certificate from Google.
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