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What is a Content Management System or CMS?

A CMS allows multiple users to easily collaberate and publish content. Such systems make it possible for content creators, editors and managers to update content of a website without having to go through a developer.

Our custom Content Management Systems allow your staff to log into a secure control panel to make updates to your website's content using a WYSIWYG editor, from any computer that has internet access.

The easy-to-learn, user-friendly interface will allow your staff to take immediate action by adding new information or updating current promotions. They quickly get the look they want and save any additional fees for site updates.

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Custom CMS Development

Our Content Management System is built with the clients needs in mind. Only required functionality is created, which is what makes it so much easier to use than an open source CMS. It also allows us to build the CMS around the design, rather than design a site that fits the CMS as is the case with most open source CMS. 

We built our CMS using PHP and MySQL; the most popular programming language and database architecture. They're used by google.comfacebook.comwikipedia, and many other large websites.  They're also the main programming language and database architecture taught in most Universities and Colleges.

We write clean, easy to manage code, allowing future design & development firms to easily be able to pick up where we left off.

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