Website & Social Media Maintenance 

Search engines such as Google have evolved from being focused on keyword density alone to giving more weight to refreshed, unique content.

In other words—the more current content you have on your web page and social media accounts, the higher your page will be ranked, and the more customers will find your web site.

But you don't the time or the inclination to keep up with this changing digital landscape, let alone keep your website and twitter accounts up to date—do you?

Don't worry. We can help.


Package Includes:


  • Updating copy, banners and images on website (provided by client)
  • Set up Google Analytics account with goals for accurate performance measurement
  • Monthly Google Analytics Report
  • Development of written SEO Strategy
  • Ongoing SEO Tweaking (optimizing key words and descriptions in meta tags and web copy)
  • Setup and optimization of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts with keyword-rich profile information and basic networking of these profiles together with each other and your website
  • Social Media Posts: Average of two posts per week on each of the following sites: Google+, Facebook and Twitter including an optimized mix of product/promotional updates with relationship building posts
  • Monthly Social Media Report includes a spreadsheet that tracks the engagement and effectivness of social media content 
  • Social Media Maintenance: Review and clean-up of Direct Messages / Inbox Messages, Deleting / blocking of unwanted Spam, Accepting / Declining Friend and Follow-Back requests, Passive Audience Building, Basic Profile Management

Cost: $450/month

Package details and price are subject to change without notice.



NEW RETAINER PROGRAM! Instead of hiring an agency on a per-project basis, our creative team is available to handle all of your print and web design projects—meaning that you do not have to explain your goals and your business more than once, saving you time and money. We keep all your brand elements and graphic assets on file, making your creative workflow easier than ever to manage.

Click here for more information about working with our Virtual Creative Department.



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